Clarified Air Inc. (CAT) offers a custom tailored approach to their fan coil / heat pump maintenance program. Since each condominium is unique in age, fan coil / heat pump manufacturer, thermostat control arrangement, and degree of disrepair, each maintenance program is designed to address specific issues in an effort to return and/or maintain the fan coil / heat pump as originally installed. We recommend that a Clarified Air representative does a site inspection to help develop the optimum program for your particular building.

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We carry large variety of fan coil / heat pump parts stocked in our trucks and warehouse. No need to wait weeks to order parts from manufacturer. Our inventory of critical parts for fan coil / heat pump ensures a short down time period and tenants stay happier.


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Fan coil / heat pump unit cleaning will ensure the fan coil / heat pump unit is properly cleaned and operating efficiently. By cleaning the fan coil / heat pump unit can protect it from mold and water damage which occur over time. It is widely suspected in the general public that people can develop allergies, asthma, and other conditions because of their air conditioning systems – but they miss the important information. They don’t realize that mold growth in the cooling coil, in the heart of the a/c system, is a major culprit.

Furthermore, mold buildup within a/c systems, including the fan coil / heat pump units found in condominiums and apartments, is a universal occurrence. It is not limited to hot and humid climates. Effective courses of action for Property Managers and Board of Directors can be very confusing. An abundance of sales pitches and product claims can make this confusion that much more a dizzying experience. Mold Remediation and HVAC Decontamination all represent significant risks to building occupants if carried out by unqualified contractors. Your only guide is to ensure you contact reputable companies carrying proper mold specific insurance, solid references and a good track record of similar projects.

In the industry today there are currently two remedial options when mold is present in a HVAC unit: Removal of insulation and redesign of mechanical systems, cleaning the existing insulation, applying an anti-microbial solution and installation of UVC light to eliminate surface mold growth..
Clarified Air offer custom tailored solutions for your buildings fan coil / heat pump mold problem.

Mold Prevention and Maintenance: Checklist

All buildings should have a Mold Management/Maintenance Program in place. Many buildings need some cleaning/remediation to at least lower the spore count within the building and reduce the chances of mold growth. This may be as simple as having the supply and exhaust vents cleaned regularly and checked to ensure they are working and balanced properly.

• Fan coil / heat pump units should be cleaned properly and regularly and should be investigated to see if minor modifications to the design can eliminate or reduce the likelihood of the insulation and drip pan continuing to be a breeding ground for mold.
• Find and fix any water leaks promptly
• Establish clear procedures for handling Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) complaints.
• Communicate appropriately with residents about their role in maintaining good IAQ
• Encourage lifestyle practices that reduce moisture

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